4 Reasons Why You Can’t Be Yourself Around Family

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Be Yourself Around Family

Going home for the holidays can be triggering for so many, and lead us to resorting to old childhood behaviors. We can adopt practices that we used to do when we’re around our family or friends from home, or we can go back to self harming thoughts and actions that we thought we healed from. You may find your family triggering or you may be triggered by old places that you have negative relationships with. Let’s be real, families can be tough and family relationships can be tough – and depending on our childhood relationship with our families and parents, whether it be neglect or emotional damage or just fear, we can find ourselves feeling uncomfortable. Your family may trigger your anxiety or your depression or your eating disorder and so many other things, or perhaps other triggers may be set off. Let’s talk about why we may be triggered during the holidays or when we go home to our family and ways that we can fight the holiday blues or holiday stress or holiday anxiety – let’s jump into it now! Let me know if you have any tips you find helpful in the comments below!

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