There’s a real PROBLEM with THERAPY & we NEED to talk about it…

There’s a real PROBLEM with THERAPY & we NEED to talk about it…

We live in a world where everyone is like mental health is important, take care of your mental health, go get help, go get support, go see a therapist, therapy is convenient and accessible, and the list goes on! But let’s be real, things are not perfect here, especially with our healthcare system. And insurance companies will make it extremely difficult to get access to the care you need, especially when it’s something you cannot physically always see. As you know, I’m a therapist and I’m a huge advocate for therapy, caring for your mental health, and that is why this topic is of utmost importance for me. And one of the reason I make mental health videos online for those who cannot always get access to the care they need. In this video I’m talking through the SIX problems with therapy and what we can (maybe) do about it… what are your thoughts? What do you see as the main problem with therapy?

Let’s say you are in therapy or have a therapist, here are the 4 things NOT to say to your therapist:

Are you gaslighting yourself?! Let’s look at the 10 ways we might be gaslighting ourselves:

More therapy advice and tips for both therapists and clients:

5 signs you need therapy:

What happens in your first therapy appointment?

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