If He’s Sending Mixed Signals, Text Him THIS

If He’s Sending Mixed Signals, Text Him THIS

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Does absence really make the heart grow fonder . . . especially when the person you’re into seems to forget you exist when you’re not in the same room?

When you’re together, life couldn’t be better. You have off-the-charts chemistry, they’re totally focused on you, and your connection feels genuine.
The catch?
When you’re apart, you feel invisible as communication slows to a crawl and often drops off completely.
As a result of these mixed signals, you’re essentially living in two completely different realities, and you’d do anything to get some clarity. You might even ask yourself: “Should I try to invest in this relationship even more to show how serious I am? Or would it be better to mirror their behavior and go cold?”

In today’s video, I walk you through what you must absolutely NOT DO in this hot and cold scenario . . . plus I give you two very specific text messages that can (finally!) get you out of this frustrating situation.

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▼ Video Chapters ▼

0:00-1:14 – The Crazy-Making Person That Goes Hot & Cold
1:14 – 2:58 – Mistake #1 Confusing Attention With Intention
2:58 – 4:51 – Mistake #2 Mirroring the Cold Behavior
4:51 – 6:31 – How to Break the Cycle
6:31 – 7:33 – The Initial “Call Out” Text
7:33 – 9:30 – The “Standards” Follow-Up Text
9:30 – 10:35 – Which Category of Person Do You Want to Be?
10:35 – 12:13 – How to Not Lose Momentum Again