5 Signs You’re Gaslighting Someone, Even If You Don’t Mean To

5 Signs You’re Gaslighting Someone, Even If You Don’t Mean To

“Gaslighting” is a serious psychological issue, in which one person manipulates or abuses the thoughts and actions of another person, ultimately leading to distortion of reality. Gaslighting can damage a relationship between two people, whether between friends, lovers, or family.

Are you worried if you’re gaslighting someone without knowing it? To give you more insights and reassurance, here are a few signs you are gaslighting someone even if you do not mean to.

Disclaimer: This video is not made to attack anyone who may display these signs, but rather to bring more awareness to the topic!

Are you gaslighting yourself without realizing it? Watch this to find out: https://youtu.be/FLTLii0XqtA

Here are a few examples of gaslighting: https://youtu.be/y3t-Jvrr2OY

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