The Voice Behind Psych2Go Reveal 2022 Edition @amanda silvera

The Voice Behind Psych2Go Reveal 2022 Edition @amanda silvera

In 2020, Psych2Go decided to finally reveal the face behind the voice of Psych2Go. It was a really humbling experience to see what a wonderful community Psych2Go has. Many of you came forward thanking us and sharing your own personal mental health and life challenges.

Amanda’s Silvera’s Channel:

As a platform to save lives by building a community around mental health and psychology animated content, our mission is to give you the hard topics and make them relatable and understandable. We hope to decrease the stigma associated with mental health and bring light to the darkness.

Even though we are not mental health professionals, we are proud of the fact that we have a team of dedicated editors and writers who do their best to create the most helpful content possible. In all our videos, you can see where we draw most of our sources and information.

Going forward in 2022, we aim to conduct many interviews with leading psychologists and professionals around the world. We aim to further bring new knowledge, in the field of psychology and mental health to our community. We hope to be a part of your lives as you go through your difficult times and we hope that you can also be there for us too during ours.