6 Signs Someone is FAKING Their Love for You

6 Signs Someone is FAKING Their Love for You

Have you ever been in a relationship and thought that it’s good to be true? Or have you ever wondered if your partner truly means it when they say they love you? These are normal things to wonder, especially when you’re starting out in a brand-new relationship, but how do you know when it’s your subconscious trying to tell you something is wrong? Here are a few signs.

Is your love one-sided? Watch this video to find out: https://youtu.be/XWZN32fytQ8

Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes. It is not a substitute for professional advice, just general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition, consult a trusted mental health professional for advice, and always do what is right for you.

Writer: Brie Cerniglia
Script Editor: Caitlin McColl
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO:Amanda Silvera (www.youtube.com/amandasilvera)
Animator: Krisha Que (www.youtube.com/channel/UCBDeFiZRypELJVvWgK3Orfw)
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