5 Habits That COULD Destroy A Relationship

5 Habits That COULD Destroy A Relationship

Are you in a relationship and looking for some relationships advice at the moment? If so, in this video, we are covering some bad habits that could create relationship problems. Some red flags to look out for are: comparing your partners, being complacent, being a narcissist, being a jerk, being unfaithful, and more. If you are worried about the habits that could hurt a relationship, then this video is for you.

Also, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We hope that you had watched our previous videos as well and support our cause to bring more awareness about mental health to the world. Relationships are a big part of our happiness and learning the skills to navigate difficult relationships could save you or someone else in the long run.

Want to know more behaviors that can potentially ruin your relationship? Watch this: https://youtu.be/zWb6sO2vodY

Writer: Sara Del Villar
Script Editor: Denise Ding
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Voice: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Zamira Guevara
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