The “No Contact Rule” Explained | Matthew Hussey

The “No Contact Rule” Explained | Matthew Hussey

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When a relationship with someone we had strong feelings for (or even loved) ends, we tend to get overwhelmed with emotions.

Whether we were with them for a short period of time or in a long, committed relationship, these feelings are universal.

They can come in the form of raw heartbreak, the feeling that we’ve lost control over our happiness, a paralyzing fear that they might move on, an overwhelming desperation to get them back, or simply the pain of missing someone who used to be a constant in our life.

The trouble is, when heartbreak, control, fear, desperation, or pain are at the wheel, the desire to make ourselves feel better becomes insatiable and this will in turn start to dictate how we conduct ourselves.

The solution? Setting yourself a goal.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “No Contact Rule” but don’t know exactly what it entails, or maybe it sounds a little too counterintuitive for how you feel right now, especially if you’re holding out hope that you could still get back together . . .

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not the case, and in this week’s video, I distill the best I’ve learned about breakups and the No Contact Rule into everything you need to know on the topic, including what you can say at different stages.

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