“Bad Texter” or Just Not That Into You? | Matthew Hussey

“Bad Texter” or Just Not That Into You? | Matthew Hussey

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Few things can match the heady exhilaration of dating someone and building momentum through regular texting and a sense of closeness.

But what about when the texting on their end is . . . kind of slow and intermittent . . . where there are big gaps in your text exchanges that leave you feeling unsure as to where, exactly, you stand with that person?

Feeling this way might even lead you to start analyzing their relationship with their phone the next time you’re with them, looking for clues as to whether their sporadic phone usage is consistent in their life or reserved just for you.

At some point, they might’ve even shared a generic line with you like, “I’m so rubbish with my phone,” or “I’m really bad at replying to people!” But is this really true?

In this week’s video, I not only answer these questions, but I dig into a really common mistake people make in this area.

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