He’s Stopped Texting But Still Likes My Posts…WTF?! | Matthew Hussey

He’s Stopped Texting But Still Likes My Posts…WTF?! | Matthew Hussey

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What does it mean when someone you dated—a guy you still like even though things fizzled out—is still engaging with your social media?

Maybe you went on a few dates, had a connection, and even got physical, but it didn’t quite go anywhere.

Yet, strangely, he still seems to be keeping a watchful eye on what you get up to on social media.

Immediately, the gears of your mind start turning as you analyze the timing and the meaning of each emoji he sends in response to the photo of your night out with your friends.

In this week’s brand-new video, I dive into the psychology behind his actions to reveal exactly what it means when someone likes your social posts (but doesn’t reach out in any other way) . . .

. . . and most importantly, what you should do about it.

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