Don’t Invest in Someone Based on THIS

Don’t Invest in Someone Based on THIS

Here is an exclusive clip of the huge event I hosted yesterday called ”Dating with Results”, a two hour seminar on how to transform your love life. Together we went through 4 simple steps you can take to stop falling into the casual dating traps of fruitless dates and painful ”situationships” and find a REAL relationship this year.

I was completely blown away by the amount of people who joined, thousands of you chose to spend your evening with me to work on your love life and your messages of gratitude after really touched me. Thank you.

If you missed it live, don’t worry. For the next 48 hours only we have made it available for anyone who wants to watch it for FREE.

Head to to watch the full seminar before it disappears altogether.

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Why Rudraksha Is Considered Beneficial for the Wearer

The word ‘rudraksha’ is a combination of the Sanskrit words, ‘Rudra’, another title of God Shiva and the word ‘aksha’ meaning teardrops. The literal meaning is “Shiva’s teardrops” from mythical story of the tree bearing the “blessed seed”. It is said that Lord Shiva once went into a deep meditation to pray for mankind’s well-being. Upon awakening from the deeply meditative state many years later, some teardrops fell from his eyes to the earth and grew into the first rudraksha trees.

Hygiene in Nineteenth Century America

Want to discover how little hygiene standards in nineteenth century America resemble those that we enjoy today? Read and learn how fortunate you are to have been born in the twenty first century, and how much you might, until now, have taken for granted.

Considering Cool Sculpting

A thing you need that many people always appear to struggle with is excess fat. It is commonly a challenge to lose fat in certain areas of the body even if you’re on healthy diet and exercise regimen. This brings on in many individuals looking at options like surgery together with other similar procedures to get rid of the surplus fat. One procedure that is becoming more popular than ever for that is Cool Sculpting, and you may examine this process below.

Considering Cool Sculpting

A thing you need that many people always seem to struggle with is excess fat. It is usually more difficult to loose fat in certain places of the human body even if you happen to be on a nutritious and exercise regimen. This results in many people taking a look at options like surgery as well as other similar procedures to stop the excess fat. One procedure that is rising in popularity than ever for that is Cool Sculpting, and you’ll check out this process below.

Your Doctor Just Prescribed Kidney Failure Treatment – Now What?

You’ve just been told that your kidneys are no longer working the way they need to be, and as such, you’re now in need of treatment to essentially keep you alive. The good news is that you have options, and the idea of kidney failure treatment proves to be a rather hopeful ray of light during an otherwise dark time in your life.