what to do when you’re too unmotivated to stick to your habits | set systems rather than goals

what to do when you’re too unmotivated to stick to your habits | set systems rather than goals

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Agenda for our New Year Reset series:

❀️ Week 1: Reflect & celebrate 2021 https://youtu.be/Mtawrop_7ko
❀️ Week 2: Reframe & master your mindset https://youtu.be/OOR2XEU4uV8
❀️ Week 3: Find your values & set goals https://youtu.be/RCHPLzPlstk
❀️ Week 4: Turn your goals into systems https://youtu.be/QdXvEF0mfbc

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0:00 Intro
1:19 Intro to New Year Reset series
1:39 1: Lacking confidence
3:04 2: Lacking purpose
4:02 3: Lacking systems
12:37 4: Lacking focus
15:34 5: Lacking proper environment
16:19 :’)

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