If You’re Dating & Want To Find The Right Guy, WATCH THIS! | Matthew Hussey

If You’re Dating & Want To Find The Right Guy, WATCH THIS! | Matthew Hussey

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When it comes to finding someone you want to be with, what are the specific criteria you’re looking for in a partner?

Is it essential that they love to exercise? Do they need to believe in a certain religion? Is it a deal-breaker if they don’t share your passion for French wine?

Today’s new video kicks off with the news that one of the sharks from Shark Tank recently invested in a dating app designed exclusively to match people who love cats with other fellow cat lovers.

While finding like-minded people may not be a terrible idea when it comes to dating, it did spark an interesting conversation between my brother Stephen and me . . .

This video has everything: cat people, Frodo, a Roy Kent(ish) impression, and a debate over our own criteria for relationships and whether not being a book lover is an appropriate deal-breaker.

Our discussion may just change the way you look at dating in general, and I can’t wait for you to watch it.

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