5 General Types Of Dissociation & How To Deal With Them | Mental Health 101

5 General Types Of Dissociation & How To Deal With Them | Mental Health 101

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In this video I’m talking about the 5 types of dissociation AND how to deal with them. I’ll speak to these 5 common types: maladaptive daydreaming, dissociative identity disorder, depersonalization, derealization and dissociative amnesia. I’ll also talk about what dissociation is like. So whether you’re wondering what is dissociation ? or what is dissociation like ? or help with dissociation ? or what types of dissociation there are , I am here to answer your questions.

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00:00 – Dissociation definition and overview
01:45 – Episode sponsor
02:30 – Dissociative Amnesia
04:13 – Maladaptive Daydreaming
06:21 – Depersonalization
07:50 – Derealization
9:06 – Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
11:28 – Tips for dealing with dissociation

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In this video I’ll also talk about what dissociation is like. So whether you’re wondering what is dissociation ? or what is dissociation like ? or dissociation help ? or what types of dissociation , I am here to answer your questions.


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