The 4 Types Of Guys That Will LOVE BOMB You! | Matthew Hussey

The 4 Types Of Guys That Will LOVE BOMB You! | Matthew Hussey

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When we meet someone we feel excited about, “love bombing” can feel like everything we’ve ever wanted. Someone we’re attracted to showering us with intensity and attention who is also happy to introduce us to their close friends and family . . . let’s be honest, it feels really good.

Life suddenly transforms into our very own romantic movie. Sure, the pace of it might feel a little rushed and intense . . . but isn’t that what happens when you meet “the One”?

But then, like clockwork, it happens. The texts stop coming in fast like they used to and we feel them pulling away until eventually, as quickly as they came, they’re gone.

The harsh contrast between the avalanche of attention they gave us in the beginning and the cold one-line texts we’re now receiving can leave us in a state of withdrawal, wondering whether any of it was even real.

This might sound familiar to you . . . it’s certainly a story I’ve heard over and over. But why do people do this?

Be sure to watch right through to the end and write down the three keys I share with you that will help you navigate early dating traps. These will help you automatically sift out the love bombers so you can just focus on enjoying the process of dating people who share a healthy mindset and an open mind to finding a real relationship.

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