SURPRISING REASON People Cheat & Find Their Partners ANNOYING | Matthew Hussey

SURPRISING REASON People Cheat & Find Their Partners ANNOYING | Matthew Hussey

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According to a new UK-based study, “A third of people actually find their partner to be the most annoying person they know due to their infuriating habits.”

So wait . . . while we’re providing love and support to our partners, they’re secretly walking around all day upset that we left some crumbs on the kitchen counter or asked them a question while they were watching TV?

And if our partner is the person we’re supposed to be our truest self around, then where does that leave us?

We can all agree that a long-lasting, healthy connection is a beautiful and fulfilling experience. But as we depart from the dopamine-filled honeymoon phase of the relationship and into the next phase, is it possible to maintain passion and mystery?

In this video, I dive into how you can use familiarity as a foundation on which to build passion and love. (And how together, you can work on habits that might frustrate the other person without the conversation itself eroding the relationship.)

And remember, in the end, small shifts can lead to you becoming irreplaceable in your partner’s eyes. And in this video, I’ll show you how to make that happen.

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