If You’re FEELING INSECURE About How You Look, WATCH THIS! | Matthew Hussey

If You’re FEELING INSECURE About How You Look, WATCH THIS! | Matthew Hussey

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It’s no secret that attributes aren’t given out equally in this world; we’re all born with different advantages and struggles. But what happens when we feel we’re just not ”attractive enough”?

Although it’s important to remember that the things we take for granted in ourselves are the same qualities others wish they possessed, sometimes we still feel affected and insecure about our looks.

But we have more control over our looks than we think. Our physical appearance is greatly affected by the way we take care of ourselves: health, diet, grooming, style, and well, just trying, significantly impact our looks.

So does smiling, playful and authentic self-expression, and belief in our value—all of which amount to something we might superficially term “charm.” And charm is just as real as symmetry.

Then of course, there’s the fact that deeper attraction (creating a connection that transcends animal instincts) is what keeps someone investing in us long term. Deeper attraction is forged in the values we portray that make us the kind of person someone wants to be around in life.

Finding love isn’t a game of attracting everyone; it’s about being irreplaceable to one person. What attracts ”everyone” is different from the subjective appeal of YOU.

Watch this video and let me know in the comments something that makes you unique!

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