Responding to your religious trauma comments… your church shamed you for being gay?!

Responding to your religious trauma comments… your church shamed you for being gay?!

I made a video a month ago about 7 ways religion can be traumatizing (see link below). You guys left a lot of comments (798 to be exact) and so many of them were such great points, I wanted to expand on them to help viewers. One of the comments I saw a lot over and over were regarding shame and religion, or religious shame, and why churches shame us into behaving a certain way. Another comment I saw a lot was around LGBTQ+ religious questions, whether your minister told you that being gay was a lie, or you weren’t accepted in your church for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. As someone who grew up in a very religious household, and very active in church, I found the benefits of church. But I also see that religious trauma syndrome is a real thing, and I have researched and heard so many stories of it. And I often get questions: do I have religious trauma? Signs of religious trauma? Religious trauma symptoms? or how do I leave a church? At the end of the day, religion should make us feel more connected to self and others, and if your church is making you feel hurt or separate, then it may be time to walk away.

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