How People Pleasing Can Hurt You + Abusive Relationship Patterns | Unfiltered Storytime

How People Pleasing Can Hurt You + Abusive Relationship Patterns | Unfiltered Storytime

Are you a people pleaser? I’m a recovering people pleaser and have been obsessed with the word SORRY. The reality is, most of the time I need to stop saying sorry so often, because most of the time I have no need to be sorry. The reality is I struggle with setting healthy boundaries in relationships. This comes down to my self care routine and making sure that I am doing things that boost self worth affirmations and encourage self love routines. I’ve seen many people pleasing Ted Talks or setting healthy boundaries Ted Talks and have been in mental health therapy for people pleasing caused by trauma that I had not taken care of. In this video I’m really diving into my personal experience with people pleasing, what causes people pleasing and how to stop people pleasing. Let me know what you think. Are you a recovering people pleaser?

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Here’s another great video on People Pleasing (Why People Pleasing is Hurting You | Salma Hindy | TEDxUofT):

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