Respond, DON’T React When You’re Triggered

Respond, DON’T React When You’re Triggered

When someone does or says something we don’t like we often react to it – and the ways we react are usually not helpful or effective. A sign of emotional intelligence is to be able to respond rather than react when someone is triggering you and in this talk I’ll teach you how.



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5 Ways To Get You Motivated About A Healthy Lifestyle

If you are looking to get in better shape, lose weight and improve your health, you will be given some tips to help you do just that. If you need to set goals or manage time better, here’s 5 ways that you can do just that!

How to Maintain Winter Health: Some Useful Tips

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The other day, I received a rather nice complement from a colleague who noted my excellent shape and fitness. Let me tell you, staying in shape at this level is a lot of work, it’s a huge sacrifice, but I feel worth it. But, not being a fitness consultant or personal trainer I wondered exactly what advice could I give that would work for almost anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and stay healthy? Let’s talk.

How Do Mobile Workstations Aid in Patient Engagement?

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Would You Dare Swallow a Hair Strand, Even in Your Favorite Soup?

Sometimes you may find a strand of hair in your soup and just decide to overlook it and swallow it together with the soup. A single hair strand is not really dangerous as it is very small and the highest possibility is that it will just pass through the digestive tract. However, the hair poses a danger when it forms a clump, which would eventually form a giant hairball in your stomach necessitating the need to see a doctor. So, what happens when you swallow hair?