When Do Friendships Expire And How to End Them  | Kati Morton

When Do Friendships Expire And How to End Them | Kati Morton

Taking some time to take a Patreon conversation over to YouTube. It’s easy for us to get stuck in friendships because we may have insecurities or fears that lead us to people pleasing, or we have fear of abandonment. Many things may get us stuck in relationships that may no longer serve us. Like most things in life, friendships can have an expiration date. We may have gotten the nutrients out of our friendship that we need, and it may no longer serve us. But we may get stuck in friendships because we’re afraid of what may happen, or how we may appear, if we let them go. This video is all about ending friendships, why friendships end, how to get over an ex friend, how to end a friendship and so much more.

Kati Unfiltered is a series that I’m starting to give you an unfiltered lens into my life. My personal stories, my personal challenges, what I’m going through. Although I am a mental health vlogger and mental health podcast host, along with a therapist, I am talking to you as a human. I may have different experiences than you that help me see situations differently, but I am also human. And I wanted to create a series that allows me to be open about my life, my fears, my challenges and also, the good things in my life. So, welcome to my world.

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