How to Let Go of the Past

How to Let Go of the Past

”Just let go” is something we hear often when it comes to letting go of painful things from our past. But it’s not always so easy to just ”let it go”. Often, we need to understand why we’re struggling to let go of the past, and in this talk I’ll teach you the biggest thing that’s keeping you stuck in hurt or pain from the past and what to do about it.



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How Is a Kidney Transplant Performed?

Kidneys are responsible for cleaning your blood and removing the excess minerals, fluids and other wastes from your body. They are also responsible for generating hormones that help maintain strong bones.

Happier and Healthier in 2016: New Years Resolutions That Work

Hello 2016! We welcome January with a sense of excitement and hope for the possibilities of change and accomplishments in the New Year. January is a time to think about change and for many of us that means setting a New Year’s Resolution.

Advancements for the Treatment of Gastric Health Problems

Acidity, stomach ulcers and heartburn are common health issues in India that come under Gastroenterology. While these diseases individually aren’t grave, they could be a warning for a more serious health issue in the making. The main points to look out for is the severity and duration of gastric disorders.

Mission: Successful Liver Transplants

One of the most vital organs is the liver which is mainly responsible for detoxification and synthesis of protein in the body. Regular consumption of large quantities of alcohol, lack of nutrition and viruses are factors that cause serious trouble to the liver. A subtle symptom like sleepiness and a more serious symptom like jaundice are indications of a failing liver.

Explore Some Facts About Essential Oils

The Essential Oil is basically the oil extracted from the herbs. The obtained oil is considered as the healer for several diseases. The herbs are basically the miraculous plants that are well known for their healing properties. These plants contain various ingredients that help in providing the curative impact on the body.