6 Reasons You’re Not As Happy As You Could Be

6 Reasons You’re Not As Happy As You Could Be

Most people want to know how to be happy, and many think happiness is a destination you arrive at when everything in your life is going the way you want it to. But that’s not true. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a discipline.You might be wondering: ’I have so much in my life, why can’t I just be happy?’ And that’s because there are several things stopping you from being happy – including many here that will surprise you.

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A Salute to A Father Happily Approaching 94, In Spite of Dementia, Knee Arthritis, & Urine Blockage

‘If there is an old tree in the courtyard, which doesn’t give fruits, don’t cut it off. Let it stay there, even if it does not give fruits, it will always give shade.’ – An old Indian saying. Old parents are like the good old trees, who provide cool shade to the family, even when they enter second childhood, when they are in 80-90s. In old age, we are all, vulnerable to dementia, arthritis, and heart problems – high or low B.P., and Cholesterol issues. We learn more about life, by caring happily for our old parents or parents-in-law. It helps us to grow as better human beings.

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