Boundaries for Beginners: How to Set and Keep Your Boundaries

Boundaries for Beginners: How to Set and Keep Your Boundaries

Everyone needs healthy boundaries in their lives if they want to have healthy relationships. Setting boundaries is about more than just saying no – and when you learn how to set boundaries in a way that people will listen to and respect you will not only feel more free, but you will also start breaking the cycle of people pleasing and codependence.


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My Life As a House (Aka: “Casa” Court Appointed Special Advocate)

In 2011 a new estimate states that 1 in 12 women and one in 20 men in the U.S. will develop some sort of autoimmune disease in their lifetime. What is interesting to note is women are more likely to be diagnosed or experience symptoms than men. Why is that? Read on to find out why.

The Carnage of Foolishness

Choices abound when it comes to your fitness. Many people will blindly head off to a gym and load up on everything that is offered only to walk away in 4 to 6 short weeks worse than when they started. From there, it’s all down hill.

Breakthroughs to a Better You

A breakthrough is a sudden discovery or achievement. Breakthroughs are the ability to exceed beyond your own ideas and decisions about something and they are the stepping-stones to a more powerful and expansive YOU. They expand your perspective and enlarge “your world”. They provide greater vision. Breakthroughs are the pools of motivation to swim in if you want change.

Human Fetal Tissue – Are You Consuming It?

Can it possibly be true that human fetal tissue is now in some foods, personal care products and vaccines? Surely it would have to say so on any label or informed consent form, right?

How Functional Fitness Benefits Seniors

Functional fitness is all about teaching your body to handle real-life activities. Functional fitness involves putting your body through the paces that are necessary for everyday life.