Wanted Woman –  The Rose Sisters (Anna Akana ft Macedo)

Wanted Woman – The Rose Sisters (Anna Akana ft Macedo)

Stream Wanted Woman: https://ffm.to/wantedwoman

Etta Mayhem Rose – Anna Akana
Dusty Rose – Michelle Macedo
Aces Wild Rose – Melissa Macedo
The Law – David Lim

Maggie Levin

Molly Ortiz

SVP, Production
Brad Simpson

Auden Bui

David Baldwin

1st AC
Jorge Gomez

Matthew Halla

Gabe Sandoval

Production Designer
Natalie Groce
Britt Keller

Art Asst
Tahryn Smith

Cat Calico
Crista Llewellyn

Manzi DeYoung
Jenny Newman

Prod Coordinator
Sherry Shi

Prod Asst
Ani Baker
Nand Mahasuwan

Mike Saffels

Cody Burkhardt

RKM Studios

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