10 Tiny Things That Will Make Life Better Today

10 Tiny Things That Will Make Life Better Today

We often think that it’s the big things that will make us happier, but it’s engaging in small things on a regular basis that truly make life better. When we’re struggling, most of us want to feel better and have a happy life, and this list is intended to do just that.


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Turmeric: Healthy, Yummy and Easy!

Turmeric is packed full of health benefits and tastes great too! Just 2 tsp a day can give you an wealth of benefits. Check out the benefits and how to incorporate it into your diet!

Old Age Knocks at My Door

Nobody likes old age. We would like to stay young as long as possible. As an alternative, we try to look young, even if we aren’t young. The tangible symptoms of old age are: white hair, and wrinkles – which need cosmetic treatment. In old age, the common ailments are: arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, constipation, dementia, gaining weight, and diabetes. Even losing weight continuously is an old age ailment, linked with overactive thyroid glands. The friends and relations who see you after a couple of months, express concerns and may even fail to recognise you. How do you face the onslaught of your well wishers?

Health Insurance and Psychotherapy, A Marriage Made In Heaven?

Is it worth using health insurance to pay for psychotherapy when, among other things, confidentiality can be compromised. The article provides opinions and other things related to this topic.

Health Tips Every Woman Should Use

There are so many things that revolve around health. Some women tend to think that they are healthy just because they are not overweight. However, health goes beyond the weight and there are things that every woman needs to do to remain healthy and fit. Health can play a huge role on how energetic and joyous you feel and it can also make a huge difference to how you look and feel about yourself.

Acid Reflux and the Phrenic Nerve

Acid reflux affects millions of people every day, and medications to soothe the symptom of heartburn are some of the pharmacy’s best sellers. Understanding how to correct acid reflux has much to do with understanding the phrenic nerve.