“I’m pretty sure there’s a root problem like maybe PTSD or ASD…” AKA ep67 q4

“I’m pretty sure there’s a root problem like maybe PTSD or ASD…” AKA ep67 q4

Ask Kati Anything! ep.67 question 4

Hey Kati! Hope you’re doing well! When I am experiencing the very low lows of my mental health I find myself in an uncontrollable deep dive into mental health educational content. I’ll re-listen to your podcasts that I have already listened to repeatedly and binge your YouTube videos. (In a totally not creepy way). It’s almost as if focusing my time and energy directly into what I am suffering with is a coping mechanism. It brings a lot of comfort and validation to me and allows me to “check out”. Unfortunately, I feel like it hinders my recovery as it feels like I am intentionally placing myself into a position of dwelling on my mental illness, but I can’t stop it! Obsessively researching what I have been going through is something that I have done since I was a pre-teen (I am 21 currently) and it has helped me to get through a lot of traumatic experiences since I never openly shared them with my parents until now in life. Is this a form of maladaptive daydreaming? Does this stem from attachment to my mental illness? Or is it a reflection of the trauma I have experienced? Also is this an issue that is worth bringing up with my therapist? (I just started going). Thanks!

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