How To Stop Binge Eating

How To Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating is roughly defined as eating more food than a “normal” person would in a short period of time. And as I have talked about many many times, eating disorders are just coping skills for other things going on in our life.
Based on the way our nervous system is set up it’s soothed by eating. We are born to be soothed and calmed down by being fed. Sucking a swallowing from a bottle soothes our system as babies and helps us calm down. As adults if we have attachment issues (maybe our caregivers weren’t reliable or predictable in how they interacted with us) we could struggle to self soothe. Also if we have BPD it can be hard to soothe our system because we feel everything so intensely. So we can turn to food to help us feel better, which is why emotional eating is so very common. Also with the pandemic and all the stress that it has caused we are all seeking out ways to feel safe, and okay. So we may be binge eating as a way to cope.
We can also struggle as the day progresses because we get tired, overwhelmed, and are therefore more vulnerable to the urges to cope unhealthfully. Since we have a lot of judgment in our society around weight, if we overeat we can then fall into a shame/guilt spiral and follow up our binge eating with restricting (but not always). But for many we can feel like we have to “make up” for the binge. And get caught in that binge restrict cycle

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