serial procrastinator? same. heres how I overcome resistance in 12 stages, according to my bf ◡̈

serial procrastinator? same. heres how I overcome resistance in 12 stages, according to my bf ◡̈

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Stage 1: T-7+ days till upload
1:29 Stage 2: T-5 days
1:52 Stage 3: T-4 days (am)
2:51 Stage 4: T-4 days (pm)
4:04 Stage 5: T-3 days
5:14 Stage 6: T-2 days
5:57 Stage 7: T-1.5 days
6:26 Stage 8: T-1 day
6:52 Stage 9: T-8 hours
7:48 Stage 10: T-1 second
9:19 Stage 11: T+1 hour
10:41 Stage 12: T+1 day
10:50 Procrastination = symptom

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