how to be happy & best way to positively reframe your mindset | 20 “things” I loved in 2020 (week 2)

how to be happy & best way to positively reframe your mindset | 20 “things” I loved in 2020 (week 2)

IG: | How can we reframe our mindsets to be more positive and happier? One word: gratitude. ✨ No matter how challenging this year was, I’d still like to believe that it has also propelled us to dig deeper and reflect on what’s most important. Differentiate between wants and needs, between nice-to-haves and essentials, and between things we truly love and things we’re attached to. Despite all the changes this year has brought, one of the greatest lessons I learned was rediscovering joys in the simplest things—a lot of which I realized were intangible. Thank you all so much for submitting photos and videos of your best moments. 🙏 ❤️

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Hi potates, many of you have been asking for a space to take what we talk about in videos, put them into action, and connect with fellow sweetest spuds, so we’ve been working hard over the last few months to create something special and interactive for you all.

Every Saturday at 8pm ET in December, a new Youtube video will go up with accompanying prompts and challenges on Vibely :

❤️ Week 1: Celebrate the small wins
❤️ Week 2: Reflect on 20 ”things” you’re grateful for in 2020
❤️ Week 3: Identify your Life Buckets
❤️ Week 4: Create Your Self-care Toolkit
❤️ Week 5: Set Your Own ’7 Mindset Habits’ For 2021

Follow along with the videos and share your reflections here as we prepare for 2021 together!

While working on ’The Art of Being Alone But Not Lonely’, I realized that loneliness was less about being physically alone and more about not having quality relationships.. so here we are, hoping to help create and foster more meaningful connections. 😌. Thoughts, feedback, ideas? I’d love to hear it all! 🙏

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6:34 5 New experiences
11:04 5 Shared memories
15:19 5 Moments w/ self

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