Psycholgist treats his own insomnia | #WithMe

Psycholgist treats his own insomnia | #WithMe

I used to help people overcome their sleep problems. Now none of the stuff I know is helping me to fall asleep. So I talked to a psychologist to get help. This is what happened.

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0:01 – My skills aren’t working anymore
0:49 – Why I can’t sleep at night
2:09 – Why this is a problem for me right now
2:41 – Meeting #1 with Dr. Hsu
6:46 – My goal for the week
6:56 – Night 1 and 2: Body scan meditation
8:02 – Night 3 and 4: Muscle relaxation
9:39 – Night 5, 6, and 7: Visualization
12:08 – Results and meeting #2 with Dr. Hsu

Resources mentioned in this video:
* How to get better sleep at night:
* Sleep recommendations across ages:
* ”Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: Stress and Health” by Dr. Robert Sapolsky:
* Living during a traumatic event: 4 skills to recover and grow:
* Wind Down: Switching off with Sleep by Headspace:
* Smiling Mind app:
* Qi Gong for Deep Sleep:
* MIT Sleep resources:
* Star Trek: TNG Warp Core + Ambient Engine Noise:
* Sleeping With Friends:

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