Real Psychologist Reacts to Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens

Real Psychologist Reacts to Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens

Real psychologist reacts to the best memes created by socially isolated college youth stuck doing online courses in closed universities.

Check out more Zoom Memes for Self Quaranteens:

0:14 – Why zoom is exhausting
1:48 – Why you’re checked out from your online classes
3:04 – The unique stressors impacting Gen Z (aka Quaranteens)
4:59 – Healthcare can no longer be linked to employment
5:44 – We are all in survival mode right now
6:31 – Farts
6:45 – My daughter interrupts everything now
7:00 – Being productive during sheltering in place and social distancing
7:41 – The class of 2020
8:34 – When you can’t work from a coffee shop anymore
9:34 – Sleep and nightmares during coronavirus.
10:25 – What to buy to make yourself feel better
12:19 – How resources impacts your experience of this crisis
13:11 – Teenagers need more sleep and they’re finally getting it
13:49 – Grieving the loss of our way of life
14:44 – Screentime is stupid
15:42 – Boba

Special thanks to Elizabeth S., Tyler D., Anna H., Arnt J., Collin P., Evan A., Imran M., Sam D., Ryan L., Sophie Y., Ahmed Y, Israel P., Neuro Transmissions, Eric E., Eve P., Lauren K., BrainCraft, Aaron F., Samuel H., Marisa H.,Tae T., Steve M.,, Bryan T., Nicky C., Samuel A., Anton T., Jennifer C., Shanda W., Saleem H. P., Sri S., Alex N., Denise J., Emily W., Samar, Lars B., Pipitchy, Emily, Troy C., Alexandre V., Jose, Julie, H., Rebecca E., Mariana D. M., Karl S., Cesalie S., Greg M., Christy, BobC, Sam, Lena F. H., Andrey V. M., Sya R., 12tone, Mina K., Boone G., Laura, and Carolyn W. for making this episode possible! Learn how you can help me make The Psych Show and get exclusive behind the scenes access in return at

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