Don’t touch your face: 4 step guide

Don’t touch your face: 4 step guide

Don’t touch your face and wash your hands are the best ways to stay healthy and avoid colds, the flu, and outbreaks of new illness and viruses. But this is really hard to do. I combine behavioral psychology and public health and show you the 4 best ways to stop touching your face so much.

0:12 – Why it’s important to avoid touching your face.
1:45 – Step #1: Make avoiding your face an obvious habit.
5:52 – Step #2: Make avoiding your face an attractive habit.
6:39 – Step #3: Make avoiding your face an easy habit.
8:05 – Step #4: Make avoiding your face a satisfying habit.
9:44 – Address the other reasons why we touch our faces.
10:45 – Use this method to increase hand washing.

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