Should I major in psychology?

Should I major in psychology?

Should I major in psychology? Is a psychology degree worth it? Is psychology useless? What can I do with a psychology degree? Can I get a job as a psychology major? I answer each of these questions and help you decide if majoring in psychology is right for you.

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0:52 – Why I became a psychology major
2:57 – The problem with majoring in psychology
4:32 – What you get and don’t get out of a psychology major
10:09 – Advice for students who want to get advanced degrees in mental health or psychological science
11:04 – Advice for students who want to go into professional schools (e.g. medical school, dentistry, law school)
12:10 – Advice for people who want to go into a field related to psychology
12:59 – Advice for people who want to start a career after graduating from undergraduate college
15:28 – Book recommendation for psychology majors

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