Therapist answers commonly googled questions about therapy

Therapist answers commonly googled questions about therapy

A real therapist answers commonly googled questions about therapy.

Topics discussed:

0:13 – What is therapy like?

1:06 – Why is therapy so expensive?

5:04 – Do therapists make a lot of money?

6:11 – Do therapists go to therapy?

7:34 – Do therapists need a PhD?

8:49 – Why are therapists called shrinks?

9:31 – How do I know if my therapist is good?

9:31 – How do I know if my therapist Is helping me?

9:31 – How do I know if my therapist is right for me?

9:31 – How do I know if my therapist cares about me?

12:26 – What if my therapist doesn’t believe me?

13:39 – What if I tell my therapist I’m suicidal?

16:15 – What if my therapist sees my cuts?

16:59 – What if I see my therapist in public?

18:06 – Why does my therapist yawn?

18:47 – Why is my therapist always late?

19:39 – Why can’t I open up to my therapist?

20:57 – How do therapists diagnose?

21:45 – How do therapists engage difficult clients?

23:09 – Help my therapists is mad at me

24:02 – Help my therapist is an intern

25:39 – Help my therapist In love with me

27:16 – Can I be friends with my therapist?

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