How to get better sleep at night

How to get better sleep at night

How to get better sleep at night by focusing on sleep hygiene, improving the quality of your sleep, having a nighttime routine, getting consistent sleep, and coming to terms with the things you can’t control.


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Topics discussed:
1:10 – why sleep is important
3:24 – sleep apnea
5:30 – sleep hygiene
7:40 – improving the quality of sleep
9:11 – nighttime routine
11:44 – sleep consistency
14:20 – acceptance of what you cannot control
15:06 – falling back asleep if you wake up
15:30 – the internal clock (suprachiasmatic nucleus)
16:29 – circadian rhythms

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* Sleep apnea:
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* Brains Sweep Themselves Clean Of Toxins During Sleep:
* Real psychologist faces his coronavirus insomnia:

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