Attachment problems in HBO’s Succession | Doctor Commentaries

Attachment problems in HBO’s Succession | Doctor Commentaries

In collaboration with HBO, clinical psychologist Dr. Ali Mattu is offering his take on themes of mental health in their shows. Here he looks at attachment problems in the show Succession.

Stories of mental health help us understand it better. It’s OK. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please call: 1-833-HBO-NAMI or visit

Surgery Coming Up? Get Ready With This 10-Step Checklist

Medical professionals say the best preparation for surgery is being prepared. How? By having a checklist of what you need to do and don’t do before surgery. It has been said that patients who feel prepared lessen the pain and anxiety that surgery almost always brings. Here is a general 10-Step Checklist.

5 Signs You Need to See an ENT Doctor

When should you go to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor instead of your regular family physician? Here are a few signs that says an ENT is probably your best bet.

7 Things To Expect After Bladder Suspension Surgery

All surgeries come with risks. Here are 7 things to expect after bladder suspension surgery.

5 Reasons To Consider Osteopathic Treatment for Baby Colic

What all medical professionals will tell you is that colicky babies do not become colicky toddlers and certain not colicky adults. It does end. But exhausted parents want an end to it sooner than later, and often seek out medical help to see if it can actually be curtailed. You might want to consider osteopathic treatment.

Fitness: Getting Started

Americans have adapted to a lifestyle of convenience and technology where fast food has become part of everyday life. We are at a point where more people are dying of diseases caused by a combination of over abundance of food and sedentary life-style than from starvation. However, if asked the typical American would report a desire to improve their overall fitness and a majority of Americans do just this every January.