How Dr. Ali Mattu joined The Employables on A&E

How Dr. Ali Mattu joined The Employables on A&E

I can FINALLY share with you that I’m on the first season of The Employables on A&E! The series celebrates the neurodiversity of Tourette Syndrome, the Autism Spectrum, and how the things that make us different make us strong. Premiering May 15 at 10pm on A&E in the United States.

Special thanks to Elizabeth S., Tyler D., Anna H., Arnt J., Collin P., Evan A., Imran M., Sam D., Ryan L., Sophie Y., Ahmed Y, Israel P., Neuro Transmissions, Eric E., Eve P., Lauren K., BrainCraft, Aaron F., Samuel H., Marisa H.,Tae T., Steve M.,, Bryan T., Nicky C., Samuel A., Anton T., Jennifer C., Shanda W., Saleem H. P., Sri S., Alex N., and Denise J. for making this episode possible! Learn how you can help me make The Psych Show and get exclusive behind the scenes access in return at

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